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2017 Events (LMC Lectures/Meetings/Shows)


Thr 07  Harry Allen & Daytona Magic
        Sheraton Four Points (Conference Room)
         2850 Crittenden Drive
        Harry Allen will be bringing his magic store
        to Louisville. He will demonstrate every
        trick known to mankind and of course each
        and every one of them will be for sale.
        Click here to visit Daytona Magic's website
        If you see something you are interested in
        you can e-mail or call Harry. He will be
        glad to bring it to Louisville for you to
        preview before you purchase.

Sat 16  LMC Holiday Banquet
        Kosair Shrine Ballroom
         4120 Bardstown Rd
         Louisville, KY 40218
		 (Reservations Required)

January 2018

Tuesday, January 9th 7PM Cody Nottingham Lecture More Details to Follow